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As a Visa Platinum Business cardholder you will benefit from a 30% discount on all Platform fees for the first 12 months of your contract.

This Offer is only available to businesses who agree to the W2 standard terms of sale governing the use of personal identity information and other relevant regulatory restrictions.

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Making Compliance Simple

We use market leading technology to extract extra value from KYC, AML, KYB and anti-fraud checks.

This gives your consumer and corporate customers a seamless digital experience wherever they are in the world.

We remove the traditional blockers of up-front fees, usage commitment, multiple technical overheads, and supply contracts. W2 makes compliance simple and allows you to focus on growing your business.

We want to provide the best solution for your business

We have experience supporting businesses in a number of sectors:

  • Gambling
  • Finance
  • Crypto
  • Legal
  • Commerce
  • Currency